Our values at USE* are the cornerstone on which our success is built. They define who we are and how we work, and are pivotal to differentiating us from our competition.

Nick Cook, USE* Technical and Operations Director

Why Working with USE* Feels Different

USE* fulfills an ambitious objective - to provide a service to our customers that is qualitatively better, more accountable, more cost effective, and more progressive than anything our competitors can provide. We do this with a team of people who are more motivated, more enthusiastic, and better qualified than anything our competitors can offer.

How do we achieve this?

We encourage our team to say 'Yes'
- nobody in our team will ever say, 'No, we don’t do it like that' because at USE* we cultivate a culture of exploring new ideas.

We encourage our team to make work a community experience - we want  the work  that we do to be an experience of expanding horizons and growth.

We find the right people - we find people who match our profile of proactive and dynamic action in our own business and in our customers’ businesses.

We encourage our team to manage what we do -
our culture at USE* is a culture of growth, as a business, as professionals, and as people. We work to ensure that we achieve all of these ideals.

We listen -
in fact, we don’t just listen, we take note.

We encourage our team recognise that ‘work begins within’ - we ask everybody in our team to recognise that work is about care, feeling, responsibility and involvement, and to act accordingly. We want our team to adopt a responsible attitude to all those around them: our immediate and wider teams at USE*; our immediate work colleagues who work for our customers or for our customers’ suppliers; our team’s collective families; the communities we live in; and ultimately to our global community and our planet.


Our culture means that our team and customers are well looked after. Our customers see real benefit in the delivery of our services on a well-managed basis and by a qualified, supportive, motivated team. This translates into tangible results as better quality and more innovative deliverables, provided at a higher standard.

Case Studies

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Code for Working

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USE* Calls the Samaritans

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A Voyage into Branding

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